Content Marketing Packages

Content Marketing Packages: All-in-one solutions to some of your toughest marketing needs.


Web Copy Package Great for existing or new sites alike. The package consists of a base of 5 pages with the option to add more as needed. Search engine optimization is part of the package to help you get off to a good start.

Lead Generation Package  The lead generation package includes everything you need to need to deploy a successful lead generation campaign. It includes strategy, a white paper, a landing and “thank you” page so you can successfully start kicking butt and taking names. (We’re serious about that taking names part).

Lead Nurturing Package   You’re building up your email list, now what? Keep building your relationship with a lead nurturing package. It includes content planning to  help you strategically create content that matters to customers. Regular newsletters increase client loyalty and website traffic, establish brand recognition and have a longer shelf life than social media. Find out more about this quarterly package.


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