Do you face any of these challenges when it comes to creating content for your business?

Producing Enough Content – Content marketing isn't just about getting that one, well crafted, professionally polished piece out there anymore. It's about quality, consistency and variety, like blog posts, white papers, newsletters and social media. Even with an in-house staff of writers, you've probably got more than you can handle (but don't need another employee).
Producing Engaging Content – Content alone, isn't enough. It's got to be interesting. It's got to give your customers value. And, just because your audience happens to be other business owners, doesn't mean it has to be boring (hey, business owners are people too).
Lack of Time – Let's be honest, writing well researched, appealing yet informative content that hits your audience in all the right places is time consuming. And, you've got better things to do – like work with actual customers (or maybe just hit the links for a round of golf...shhh, I won't tell).
Building your online platform means you've got to consistently deliver high-quality, compelling content that demonstrates your expertise and guides your ideal customers to the best solution: you!

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